Aneurin Leisure

Industry Sector:
Culture (Performing Arts)

Services Provided:
Design For Print
Brochure Design


Aneurin Leisure is an exciting venture which delivers leisure, learning and cultural services across Blaenau Gwent. They are a community focussed organisation, that are passionate about making a positive impact to people’s lives through their diverse range of services and facilities.

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When our client Blaenau Gwent Venues evolved into Aneurin Leisure they approached us to streamline their triannual ’Source’ entertainment brochures into biannual brochures that would be renamed; ‘Aneurin Leisure Live’. As we had previously inherited rough layout guidelines for the long established ’Source’ brochure, this was our chance to make the project and design our own.

We wanted the brochure’s design to be clear and to be easy to use for the reader. Due to the brochure’s bilingual nature, the inherited design had both languages side-by-side, which caused unnecessary bulky, copy overload on pages and the layouts to be unpredictable in size. Our first task was to recreate the design to become a work-and-tumble printed brochure, allowing clarity that one side was in Welsh and the other in English. Then, we wanted the internal pages to clearly showcase – through colour coding – which venue the events were taking place, while projecting the best imagery from the shows to make a visually engaging brochure, which in-turn should increase the likelihood of tickets purchased.

The redesign was a success and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Aneurin Leisure on producing their biannual entertainment brochures.

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