Dog 'N' Dough

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Hospitality (Restaurants & Bars)

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Pop-up restaurant Dog ‘N’ Dough was born from a fusion of good people, good food & good times. The venture started off as a market stall but quickly moved to provide Gourmet Hotdogs to popular festivals and events. They’re a cheeky bunch, that LOVE sausages, so don’t be surprised at the odd innuendo! Saucy!

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After the success of the work we had done for Mojo The FoodBar, the Niche Hospitality group hired Dirty Little Serifs to brand and create a visual identity for their latest concept Dog ‘N’ Dough in time for their launch at 2016’s Newport Food Festival. Along with the new branding, they would also required menu design, promotional materials, signage that would work in a pop-up environment and a design for their staff t-shirts.

Niche Hospitality wanted to produce visuals and a tone of voice for the brand that would reflect the Dog ‘N’ Dough team’s vibrant, cheeky and playful personalities. A challenged that we relished! We had a lot of fun sketching various lighthearted ideas and it became clear quite early on that an illustrative style would make the most impact for the branding.

The Dirty Little Serifs team look forward to developing the Dog ‘N’ Dough brand and designing more tongue-in-cheek marketing campaigns in the future.

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