Fletcher Day.


Industry Sector:
Legal Services (Law)

Services Provided:
Website Design & Development
Brand Video

Partners Worked With:
Spin The Yarn (Video Production)


London based Fletcher Day is a Legal 500 multi-disciplinary commercial law firm. They focus on corporate and commercial work, commercial and international litigation, high net worth individuals, property investment and foreign investment into the UK. Fletcher Day is different to other firms with fee share solicitors. Their ‘hybrid style’ enables them to offer the traditional model of a law firm combined with a fee share consultancy structure.

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After a recommendation from one of our London based app development partners, Fletcher Day commissioned Dirty Little Serifs to create and produce a Marketing Campaign for the launch of their ’Tailored Fee Sharing’ service. The campaign was split into three main requirements;

  1.  Advertising in printed Law Magazines and online with LinkedIn.
  2.  A brand video that would promote the Tailored Fee Share concept.
  3.  A microsite which would be the main landing point for the promotion material and provide all the required information

At the time of creating the marketing campaign, Fletcher Day’s main head quarters was on Savile Row in Mayfair, which is renowned for some of the finest suit tailors in the world. This angle allowed us to play heavily on the ‘tailored’ element within the advertisement.
Once the adverts were designed, we headed off to London for a one day shoot with one of our video production partners, Spin The Yarn. With all of the visual elements signed off we were then able to put together the finishing touches on the microsite before the big launch of the campaign.

The whole campaign was a success and off the back of that work we have shot another two marketing films for Fletcher Day in January 2017, which will be launching in the Spring of 2017. We look forward to sharing the latest work with you in this case study.

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