Hide and Sea.

Industry Sector:
Hospitality (Restaurants & Bars)

Services Provided:
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy


From the brainchild of the Niche Hospitality, Hide and Sea offers a completely new concept to Newport, bringing a taste and distinctive vibe of London’s edgy Shoreditch to the city. The restaurant is all about relaxed dining… The food, the wine, the culture and most importantly, the passion of the people who work to deliver an exceptional dining & drinking experience. Hide and Sea’s menu will be focused on the finest quality meats, and freshest fish & seafood. The restaurant will launch in the Spring/Summer of 2017!

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Having built a fantastic partnership with Niche Hospitality while working on their Mojo The FoodBar and Dog ’N’ Dough concepts, the Dirty Little Serifs team were eager to sink our teeth (pun intended) into this exciting new brand. The founders Lewis and Seng wanted us to develop a brand identity that not only was distinctive to the Niche Hospitality group but push the brand to break through and make its mark in the rapidly expanding restaurant and bar scene in Wales.

The Hide and Sea brand needed to confidently project a contemporary and edgy vibe but still be sophisticated. Before the team put pencil to paper, we set off on a trip to London to do extensive research into the latest movers and shakers in hospitality industry. From the research we were able to experiment with a number of concept paths of how the brand could be delivered and communicated across various mediums. Once an idea was chosen, we then created a robust visual identity and initial marketing collateral to tease the upcoming launch. We look forward to sharing more work from this case study once the restaurant opens.

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