Lola and Me.

Industry Sector:
Womens Acessories

Services Provided:
Brand Guidelines
Web Design
Art Direction
Brand Video
Social Media

Partners Worked With
Nutty Pear


Lola and Me was launched with a mission dedicated to slow, meaningful fashion. Fashion that will support the needs and well being of ALL the people involved in the making of every piece. They’re committed to the progress of women’s rights in developing countries by supporting the safe and ethical employment opportunities and fair wages facilitated by the partners they choose to work with. Lola and Me also believe that every child deserves the right to an education, which is why they’re investing 10% of their profits into getting young girls into school.

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Lola and Me officially launched in 2016, kicking off with their successfully funded Crowdfunder Campaign. In preparation of the campaign’s launch, Lola and Me drew on the expertise of all of the Dirty Little Serifs team and it was a project we were all thrilled to be a part of. We helped to create a brand that was utilised across various print collateral, digital advertising and a brand video. We also art directed both the lifestyle and product photo shoots.

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