Riverside Sports Bar & Kitchen


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Hospitality (Bar & Kitchen)

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Design For Print
Website Design & Development
Signage & Window Graphics

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Print Sauce

Photography by Craig Howarth, SeaAitch Photography. Courtesy of Niche Hospitality Ltd.


Riverside Sports Bar And Kitchen is situated in the gateway to Newport city centre. They aim to create an urban feel that provides comfort and the latest technology & entertainment for their guests. This historic pub is the most established live music & sports venue in Newport, Wales with a great variety of local bands performing every weekend.

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Riverside Sports Bar and Kitchen is the 4th concept by the Niche Hospitality Group. Having built an excellent and successful partnership with the Niche Hospitality team while working on their Mojo The FoodBar, Hide & Sea and Dog ’N’ Dough concepts, the Dirty Crew were excited to take on the challenge of rebranding a historic live venue that was originally known in Newport as the Riverside Tavern. The Niche Hospitality team’s goal was to develop a brand, visual identity, culture and atmosphere that was fresh and contemporary, without losing the tradition and history of the well known live music and sports venue.

The new Riverside Sports Bar and Kitchen brand needed to boldly project a modern and edgy vibe, but complement the eclectic range of customers, which would include; live music enthusiasts, local sports fans, social groups and students. The rebrand would be rolled out across digital marketing campaigns, print advertising, promotional material, a new website, internal collateral and a very important aspect; the external signage.

Riverside Sports Bar and Kitchen is one of the closest pubs to the Rodney Parade stadium, which is home to Newport County Football Club, Welsh regional Rugby Union team the Dragons and Rugby Union club Newport RFC. With this in mind the external signage and window displays for Riverside had to immediately make impact and stand out from a distance to entice people to the venue. The Dirty Little Serifs team knew we had to create something unique that would instantly POP! So, we worked closely with the signage team Printsauce, who we knew could deliver on our challenging but visually engaging signage design. We thrashed out the concept and Printsauce worked their magic.

The Dirty Little Serifs team look forward to developing the new Riverside Sports Bar and Kitchen brand further and designing more attention grabbing marketing campaigns in the future.

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