Industry Sector:
Mens Footwear

Services Provided:
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Digital Pitch Design
Art Direction
Photoshoot Management

Partners Worked With
LJM Photography


Established in 1921, Sledgers continues to deliver exceptional products enhanced by innovative footwear technology. As a brand they pride themselves on making unbeatably comfortable shoes, without compromising on style and design.
With strong roots in European shoe making, Sledgers has remained true to its heritage ever since its inception almost 100 years ago, and continued to provide its customers with products that they can trust in.

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The Primer Group of Companies became the proud new owners of Sledgers in 2015. Their key objective for Sledgers was to enhance the brand’s global distribution, increasing its customer base across international markets and raising brand awareness whilst retaining their French heritage.

To coincide with their new product launch at MICAM February 2016, Sledgers briefed Dirty Little Serifs with re-branding their visual identity, redefining their essence and positioning, and refreshing their brand values. We would provide a brand strategy for Primer Group’s exciting new vision along with the client participating in ideas generation workshops. The final outcome would have all elements summed up in a Brand Guidelines document. The main goal of the rebrand would be to rejuvenate the Sledgers brand with a hint towards their heritage.

Other marketing materials were required for the new launch at MICAM, including brochure design, exhibition stand designs and promotional design. All of the marketing items needed to have strong, stylish imagery, so we were commissioned to art direct and manage the lifestyle photoshoot for the new product range. We worked alongside our fashion photographer partner Lisa-Jane Meates from LJM Photography to capture a series of stunning lifestyle shots that would be used within the brand guidelines to set the standard for all brand imagery going forward.

After the success of the Sledgers rebrand and their new product launch at MICAM February 2016, we have continued to work closely with the Sledgers team on various design and advertising projects. Also, we have work with Sledgers on 2 more exciting lifestyle photoshoots in Paris and the Cotswolds for their Spring/Summer 2017 and Autumn/Winter 2017 product ranges.

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