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Spring is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of dedicated volunteers. Spring connects entrepreneurial women who want to benefit from each other’s skills and experiences. The women at Spring know strong relationships build business, they support the strengthening of business and personal relationships in a collaborative atmosphere. Spring’s goal is to encourage the exchange of skills and ideas from a vast variety of backgrounds and experience from women at all stages of business.

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Back in the early summer of 2017, the women of Gwent Business Women’s Network (GBWN) approached Dirty Little Serifs with an intriguing and thought provoking brief. GBWN had been established in 1995 and over time the group had felt the brand in its entirety had become tired and outdated. The organisation’s concept and ethos had evolved from a stuffy, formal business network into a fresh, vibrant association of women helping each other for professional and personal development, within a more appropriate casual and informal settings.

The Dirty Crew’s task was to create and deliver a full rebrand, which would include renaming the group to now reflect this dynamic and growing not-for-profit organisation of energetic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

We could not wait to get started with a brand name workshop where we were in sticky note heaven. From the brand naming process the new name of SPRING was selected by the group’s committee to represent the ideas of energy, vibrance and moving forward, along with the concepts of new life and growth. The brand essence of “Growing & Succeeding Together” was also chosen to echo the brand’s ethos and values. Once the brand’s position, name, values and essence were established, we then moved on to developing and designing ideas for the brand’s visual identity, which was this time selected by the entire group at their summer social event. From there, the rebrand was utilised onto a new website design, advertising, promotional material and marketing graphics.

The Spring brief was an extremely fun project to work on and the DLS team look forward to working on more projects with the organisation in the future, as well as our Business Director Heidi-Louise attending their monthly networking events for many years to come.

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